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Fire alarm systems provide early warning that can prevent tragedy and automatically place fire calls in case of an emergency.

HABA Technologies, Inc. offers: Installations, Central Station Monitoring Systems, New Construction, Tenant Improvements and Expansion of Existing Systems; Maintenance Agreement, Annual Certification, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Regulation #4 Testing and Repairs.

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UL Listed/FM Approved Bi-lingual Operators Highly Trained Employees 24/7 365 Days

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At HABA Technologies we design and build cabling infrastructures that support voice, data, video and multimedia systems. We are a single source solution for all your organization network infrastructure needs. We will help you evaluate, design and install the correct cabling system to support your current and future needs.

We can help you with:

  • Telephone
  • Cable TV
  • Satellite
  • Computer Network (Internet and Entrenet)
  • Home entertainment
  • Sound System

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In today's economy, while things get, the lower morale gets and the higher the crime level becomes. A simple installation of a camera inside and outside the door may aid in discouraging such acts. In order to increase the efficiency of the system we are highly recommending monitoring the surveillance feed around the clock to watch for unusual activity.

HABA TECHNOLOGIES offers a total security solution to aid with those issues. We can design, engineer and retrofit a state-of-the-art security system to fit any client's specifications, needs or budgets. We have single HD IP camera options, multi-camera CCTV with DVR options or we can integrate your existing camera system with our monitoring services. HABA TECHNOLOGIES offers live video burglar alarm-triggered monitoring services. We also offer archiving which allows for data reviewing to check for past incidents and remote client monitoring so clients can view their property anytime, anywhere.

With CCTV surveillance equipment, you can see video from your home from almost anywhere in the world! You get a system indoor or outdoor color cameras that can be viewed from any web-enabled computer, cell phone or PDA* . Or, view video from any room in the house on any connected TV** or dedicated monitor!

Video Surveillance can help you prevent break-ins! A recent study has reported that installing a home security surveillance system is the number one deterrent to home invasion.

HABA TECHNOLOGIES not only offers a solution but it also offers peace of mind. That is always a good investment.

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HABA Technologies is a specialist in the field of Access Control. With an access control system installed by HABA Technologies, different areas of your location can be electronically controlled to allow access only to individuals with the proper clearance. An access control system can reduce costs associated with re-keying locks and managing keys. More and more properties are utilizing access control to provide a secure environment for their tenant and guests. No one wants the angry tenant to re-enter the building after been ask to leave. All property owners need to secure their assets. Access control also provides audit trails and management reports of all access grants, denials and other customized parameters. HABA Technologies can seamlessly integrate Access Control with your alarm and video system for a complete video solution.

Benefits of an Access Control System:

  • Protection for personal.
  • Protects your assets, both logical and physical
  • Restricts unauthorized access to sensitive areas
  • Provides an audit trail
  • Eliminates re-keying and key tracking
  • Can be networked within your whole companies infrastructure
  • Will integrate with your existing alarm, video or intercom system


  • Design, installation and programming of scalable networked access control systems, from a single door to enterprise wide applications
  • Voice and video intercom systems
  • Custom application specific programming
  • ID badge and badge products

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