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camera We, HABA Technologies, Inc., are highly motivated to perform the best quality of installation, provide up to date technologies and to remain at a price you can afford. We founded the company with the understanding that in today’s market our customers need someone they can depend on for the best possible installation AND to remain within an affordable price range. We would like to have you as our customer for the long run and therefore are ready to work hard to earn your respect and trust.

HABA Technologies, Inc. provides a variety of services:


HABA Technologies, Inc. Founders:

Chen (“Ben”) Altit: I love what I am doing. I’ve been involved with the electrical industry for the last 16 years. This field has always been very interesting and exciting for me and I have been constantly learning new technologies. As a lead technician, I have had the privilege to perform and supervise hundreds of fire alarm systems and low voltage installations for High Rises, Commercials, Retails, Hospitals and Hotels.

Asaf Barashi: I have always wanted to give back to society. I believe that by continuously developing one’s ability to perform in a chosen field, one becomes more valuable to the marketplace. I came to the US in 2004 and started working with the fire alarm system industry immediately. I have worked hard, taken classes, seminars and read many books to increase my knowledge. I’ve become very experienced and updated with the new technologies in this field. I have designed different kinds of fire alarm systems for High Rises, Commercials, Multi Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Retails, Monitoring Fire Sprinklers and more.

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